NovelIRS launched MIRAT, its Artificial Intelligence-driven ITSM module, which aims to maximize customers’ business value while replacing traditional service management systems. The 14-day free trial version is available on the website and mail to [email protected] for more information.

NovelIRS is a young private limited business founded in 2016 to optimise various stages of IT infrastructure management utilising innovative technologies. NovelIRS has created an on-premise software called MIRAT (Modern Infrastructure Remote Automation Tool) to improve business. Over 800 clients has used the product in 35 countries, reducing operational costs and increasing team efficiency. MIRAT has been a groundbreaking ITSM software that has helped improve our clients’ IT infrastructure management. The on-premises MIRAT product has an NPS of 81 and is highly-rated on various comparison sites.

The AI-backed ITSM module was curated to ensure that when MIRAT customers, including small to medium businesses, start-ups replace old service management systems to get immediate benefits and continue without the roadblocks to improve service. Structured agile processes, audits, 360-degree monitoring, triage-live poll, incident management, change management, etc., are some of the modules up for grabs that will help users navigate their workflows efficiently.

According to Chaitanya Kumar, CEO of MIRAT, “Analysts have reported that the average industry turnover rate for service management products is five years; I believe this high rate of technology churn is a result of many service management tools being inflexible, with processes that only meet the immediate needs of isolated parts of an organisation.”

As firms expand and seek deeper integration of service management, these rigid systems demonstrate their inadequacy. While businesses cannot expect every situation, they can choose a service management platform that is adaptable enough to accommodate broader business process integration and continuous process improvement.

While it is critical to maintain business continuity and achieve some quick wins during the shifting phase, attaining these goals requires a sound method. With the ‘Improve’ phase, many service management providers cannot assist their customers in implementing an effective methodology. The MIRAT technique enables enterprises to achieve remarkable service management through evidence-based decision-making. Check out the website for a more detailed view of all MIRAT modules.

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