MIRAT, the newest tool in Devops and ITOps incident response management software, announces the release of its Incident Management Response module. By enabling effective collaboration and equipping teams to respond to situations in the most suitable manner possible, the new Command Center shall:

  • Provide information about the condition of each responder team
  • Make it possible for responders and stakeholders to participate via mobile devices
  • Uses a centralized dashboard, initiating and tracking all status updates and activities
  • Captures collaboration metrics from previous sessions for post-incident analysis

“To respond efficiently to IT and DevOps events, teams must always be alert and in control. Our incident management centre serves as a mechanism for them to take quick coordinated action,” explains Chaitanya Kumar, CEO of MIRAT.ai. “Our Triage Live Poll module enables responders to quickly resolve concerns by bringing them all together in one location – which is frequently a time-consuming step in a process where time is critical to mitigate any impact.”

When an incident is created, MIRAT clients are enabled to make fast decisions and contribute. When an incident is reported, the conference bridge automatically transports responders to a specified war room to begin problem-solving. There is no need to toggle between programs or technologies; the Triage Live Poll unifies them all.

“Having access to previous incident reports will give the clients a better understanding of how to enhance procedures and emphasize what may have gone extraordinarily well,” Chaitanya says. “Organizing your team and debating options has never been easier.”

The reports generate detailed incident activity, including who initiated the ticket, who responded, as well as the dates and hours of these events. Any status updates sent will also be displayed. These insights may aid in future solution acceleration or team structure modification to bring the right individuals together at the right moment.

MIRAT is now an artificial intelligence-driven cloud software capable of providing all the packaged tools under one license, offering centralized self-service capabilities with No/minimum staff and remote monitoring capabilities that presently no other competitor is able to serve. The USP of MIRAT is “Automation” of IT infrastructure management that is highly aligned with ITIL and current trends. The IT infrastructure management includes, but is not limited to the operating system, database, network, storage, application, middleware spaces, etc.

Read our associated blog post for additional details on MIRAT.ai’s Incident Management Module. Please email to [email protected] for a private briefing.

Concerning MIRAT.ai

MIRAT.ai, which is trusted by development and operations teams of enterprises globally, delivers solutions for alert and on-call management that enable businesses to respond to IT/DevOps concerns quickly. MIRAT provides tools for developing incident response plans, collaborating on and coordinating response actions, and analyzing the success of response actions.

Our pricing plans are very cost effective (starts at $4 per month) and affordable for startups, SMEs, MSMEs, along with enterprise level plans for larger firms with more extensive Requirements.

Visit www.mirat.ai or mail to [email protected] for more information!

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