There is a moment in every sail, whether you’re in a ten-foot sailboat or in a fifty-foot-plus cruiser. When the physics of wind and water catch hold of you, the adventure starts. You can feel it in the lift of the boat against your back and in the way the muscles of your legs involuntarily tighten to compensate for it. It’s a rewarding feeling.

Like gardening, which exists between too little and too much rain, sailing occupies a narrow band of bliss between too little and too much wind, between dead calms and deadly storms. Both its variability and its inherent dangers are part of the appeal.

Whether you’re planning to go into sailing, owning one, or just to gain knowledge, you are at the right place!

Here are some basic terms of sailing you need to become familiar with:

  • Stern – the back of a ship
  • Bow – the front of the ship
  • Port side – port is always the left-hand side of the boat when you are facing the bow
  • Starboard side – starboard is always the right-hand side of the boat when you are facing the bow
  • Leeward – the side of the boat away from the wind
  • Windward – the side of the boat closer to the wind
  • Boom – the boom is the horizontal pole that extends from the bottom of the mast.
  • Rudder – located beneath the boat, the rudder is a flat piece of wood, fiberglass, or metal that is used to steer the ship
  • Tacking – this basic sailing maneuver refers to turning the bow of the boat through the wind so that the wind changes from one side of the boat to the other side
  • Jibing – this basic sailing maneuver refers to turning the stern of the boat through the wind so that the wind changes from one side of the boat to the other side.

Here are some basic tips of sailing you need to become familiar with:

Basics of sailing mean being familiar with essential right-of-way sailing rules as well. There are different right-of-way sailing instructions for sailboats as opposed to powerboats.

  • Always maintain a proper lookout by sight as well as hearing to avoid colliding with other boats
  • Maintain a safe speed at all times so that you remain in control of your boat
  • Use common sense when assessing the risk of collision with other boats near and around you
  • If you are at risk of colliding with another boat and all else fails, then agreed sailing rules are that whichever boat has the other boat on its starboard side must yield right of way.
  • Any vessel overtaking another should always keep out of the way of the vessel being overtaken.
  • Non-commercial powerboats usually give way to sailboats, unless the sailboat is overtaking it. However, general sailing instructions are also that sailboats should try to stay out of the way of large vessels and ferryboats that may find it harder to slow or change direction, especially in narrow channels.

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