ToughSonic Ultrasonic Level & Distance Sensors have the sensor of choice for:

  • Flood monitoring
  • Forecasting & disaster management systems including those for tropical rains, storm surges and tsunamis systems all over the world
  • Agriculture and Farming applications including:
    • Monitor water level of streams rivers or ponds
    • Measuring open channel flow in Flumes, Weirs and Channels
    • Tank, Silo and Container Monitoring



Senix sensors have been critical in creating some of the world’s most sophisticated flood monitoring and forecasting systems and water management systems all over the world. Data collected from the sensors can automatically sent to real time monitoring systems, and in many cases the system data is shared with the public and emergency management officials to get reliable, real-time information they need to manage flooding and other water applications in their locales.

Senix ultrasonic sensors are often the sensor of choice because they are designed to easily integrate with other equipment. Senix sensors have built-in analog and serial outputs, sourcing and sinking switches, serial communications.  With the free SenixVIEW software, there are 75 user-configurable parameters that can be tailored to your application. ToughSonic sensors are unmatched for versatility and flexibility.

Senix sensors also chosen for their ruggedness, programmability, and the reputation of Senix for excellent engineering & technical support.  ToughSonic sensors are potted in watertight stainless-steel housings, are IP68 rated and operate in 0-100% humidity and over a temperature range of -40 to +70°C. Every ToughSonic sensor has a built-in microcontroller and digital filters that distill numerous ultrasonic “pings” taken over several seconds down to just one single measurement output to the monitoring system. The three types of advanced filtering allow the final measurement the user sees can even be set to exclude extraneous objects, such as birds, bugs, or other objects passing through the ultrasonic beam. This filtering capability can determine the average of wave heights instead a wave peak measurement from one ping and then a wave trough the next.

Senix ToughSonic sensors have built-in temperature compensation, and SenixVIEW had advanced setting for external temperature compensation to compensate for diurnal temperature swings, and can be used with Reference Targets from Senix, or a customer-built reference target.

Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors can also measure distance in a wide array of object detection, proximity and other applications and are used on Forestry Harvesters and Equipment, Agricultural Planters, Fertilizers, and Sprayers, and equipment to monitor Plant Height and Crop Growth Monitoring


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