Paris, September 16, 2021 French e-health company Wefight is developing free applications to help patients with chronic diseases and cancer. Its objective is to provide them – and those around them – with as much information as possible on their pathology at all times. Digital Health Ventures, Impact Partners, but also its historical investors & and the Business Angels of the BADGE network are supporting Wefight in this fundraising.

Wefight, at the service of patient knowledge

Founded in 2017 by Benoît Brouard, hospital pharmacist, and Pierre Nectoux, engineer from Ecole Centrale, Wefight and its series of Vik applications, aim to support patients and their loved ones throughout their care journey. Today, 15 Vik applications are already availWabel‘ree Online! and address, among others, diseases such as depression, asthma, breast, ovarian, prostate cancer, etc.

Based on artificial intelligence, these applications answer questions from patients and their relatives in real-time and provide access to many tools and services to better understand their disease (articles and patient testimonials, treatment reminders, etc.).

In addition, the Vik’s responses are written by combining medical knowledge and patient knowledge all the knowledge that a patient has accumulated during their care journey that it is crucial to keep and share with as many people as possible.

Deploy to get closer to patients and their needs

Already present in 5 countries in Europe and Canada, this fundraising will allow Wefight to expand its presence in Europe and internationally within particular the creation of an office in Berlin, but also to develop new markets such as the United States and Latin America.

The funds will also be used to develop new Viks to cover the greatest number of chronic diseases and to perfect the artificial intelligence of applications (already more than 5 million responses to patients to date). They will also enrich the Vik ecosystem with new complementary products such as MedVik, a remote monitoring platform that allows healthcare professionals to monitor their patient’s state of health remotely. A first step towards the development of algorithms to prevent complications and relapses in patients.

On the recruitment side, Wefight supports its growth by structuring its teams and integrating new talents. The number of employees has already doubled between 2020 and 2021 and is expected to exceed one hundred employees by the end of 2022.

Wefight, Digital Health Venture and Impact Partners: a natural collaboration

Thanks to its model, its ambitions, and numerous partnerships forged with pharmaceutical laboratories, Wefight was able to convince two new investment funds, with the same vision and the same values, to embark on the adventure alongside it:

Digital Health Ventures, a venture capital fund dedicated to digital healthcare solutions for patients, Impact Partners, the first European investment platform dedicated to impact.

The Investor fund and the Business Angels of the BADGE network reiterated their confidence and reinvested for this second round of funding. The Angels Santé and MELIES Business Angels funds, historical investors, continue to provide their support and experience to Wefight in the person of Stéphane Loze (Angels Santé) who will represent all the Business Angels on the Wefight board. Wefight was supported throughout the fundraising by SE13 Advisors, a Venture, and Private Equity consulting firm.

“Wefight is an international company with a strong social impact. The choice to have Digital Health Ventures and Impact Partners by our side allows us to accelerate our international expansion while keeping the patient at the center of everything we do.” Declares Benoît Brouard, co-founder of Wefight.

“The Wefight team has developed an intuitive AI-based product that meets the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. We are particularly impressed with the rapid growth and added value that the team has created so far. DHV is proud to participate in the Wefight adventure and to support the team in its growth and international development.” says Guido Hegener, Managing Partner of Digital Health Ventures.

“The strong growth of cancers and chronic diseases is a major social problem. The solutions offered by Wefight help improve patient treatment while maintaining ethics and a strong social impact. Having associated with these solutions a viable and ambitious business model convinced us to join the adventure.” says Zoé Constantin, Investment Director at Impact Partners.

“Investir&+ has been supporting Wefight since their first fundraising in 2019. We are very proud to see how far the team has come since! We have decided to re-engage with them in order to continue to support them in their beautiful mission of helping thousands of patients through the world to live better with their illnesses.” says Mari Kameyama, Impact VC at Investir&+.

“With Angels Santé, BADGE, and MELIES Business Angels, we are very proud to have supported the startup during its early years and above all very proud of its exponential development in a short time! The virtual companion Vik in a given pathology is a real help in optimizing the “patient experience and a real winning strategy “beyond the drug for Pharmas. With Vik, the field of possibilities is wide and the development opportunities very numerous, I am delighted to be able to continue to provide my help and expertise in health by being on the strategic committee of Wefight” declares Stéphane Loze Head of Angels Santé partnerships.

About Wefight:

Founded in 2017, Wefight is a company specializing in the development of applications for sick patients and their loved ones. Its objective is to create companions who answer patients’ questions, who make information simple, and who are accessible anywhere and at any time during the care process. They do not replace doctors in any way but act as mediators. Wefight is currently incubated at the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute in Paris and at the Business Innovation Center in the city of Montpellier. The company also works in collaboration with many reference centers such as the hospitals of Montpellier or the Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris.

About Digital Health Ventures (DHV):

DHV is a sector-focused Venture Capital Fund based in Berlin, Germany. We are experienced early-stage investors with a track record that includes several strong European healthcare innovators. Our mission is to build a sustainable Digital Health ecosystem. We actively support portfolio entrepreneurs and leverage our networks in tech and healthcare.


Founded in 2007 with the belief that entrepreneurship can contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable society, IMPACT Partners is a management company with a social vocation. Financial and strategic support to entrepreneurs is provided with the Impact Growth fund (tickets from €1m to €15m), designed for those who aim at scaling their business, and by the Impact Creation fund (tickets from €50k to €500k) dedicated to those creating their own business in socially weak areas. IMPACT Partners is a pioneer in impact investing with more than €300m under management and 4 offices in Europe (Paris, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and Barcelona).

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About Investir&+

Investir&+ is a collective of entrepreneurs who share the conviction that the company is a powerful tool for effectively and sustainably solving certain social, environmental or societal issues. Investir&+’s mission is to select and financially and strategically support companies whose primary intention is to resolve one of these issues with significant potential for transformation, commensurate with the social and environmental issues they address. Investir&+ has supported 27 projects, including Simplon, Recyclivre, Yuka, Murfy, les Alchimistes, Deuxiè, Auticiel.

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About the Business Angels of the Grandes Écoles (BADGE):

Created in 2004, the Business Angels des Grandes Ecoles (BADGE) association is one of the leading Business Angels networks in France. Its objective is to support the creation and development of innovative companies with high growth potential, and their financing. The BADGE network examines the files before putting entrepreneurs in touch with Business Angels investors, then organizes support for these young companies. Its members, with recognized professional experience, enrich them (training sessions, reciprocal exchanges, network, etc.).

Badge maintains relations with the startup ecosystem (incubators, lawyers, alumni associations, investment companies). Since 2005, Business Angels Grandes Écoles thus financed 187 companies by providing more than € 38M which, through leverage on other sources of financing, generated more than € 100M of capital contributions to these companies.

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About Angels Santé:

The leading network of healthcare business angels in Europe, Angels Santé is at the heart of healthcare seeds. Present in France, Angels Santé is also a key player in Europe by being a member of the European networks of Business Angels Europe (BAE) and European Business Angels Network (EBAN), as well as the operator of the EIT Health Investor Network program. Angels Santé aims to: Identify innovative European start-ups that offer to respond to the major challenges of the health system with solutions with high medical benefits and economically responsible. Promote their seed phase by providing capital and expertise from its specialists. Federate general investors around its investment recommendations.

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About MELIES Business Angels:

Since its creation in Montpellier in 2006, MELIES Business Angels has brought together more than 290 individual investors in order to finance and support young regional companies with high growth potential. These companies can call on the network for financing needs of between 100 K € and 1 M €. Labeled by the Ministry of SMEs / SMIs and by iSource, the association is a member of the national federation France Angels. MELIES Business Angels is also a founding member of Occitanie Angels, with Capitole Angels (Toulouse). This 1901 law association created at the end of 2016 unites and represents business angel networks in Occitania.

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