Did you know that the therapeutic effect of cinema lies in the associative and emotional impact of the film on a person?

Films “reveal” a person’s preserved emotions and help to see on the screen what is happening in his own life. Moreover, film therapy is a unique method of psychotherapy used by psychologists around the world. In the hands of a specialist, cinema becomes a medicine for the soul and a transformer of life.

Interesting study:

In 2017, psychologists from the University of Rochester in the United States compared different types of therapy with couples who had relationship problems. They concluded that if the partners watched and discussed five romantic films during the month, in which the characters went through various difficulties and trials, their satisfaction with the relationship increased. Moreover, there were fewer divorces in such couples. Surprisingly, the results of film therapy were almost as high as after family therapy sessions.

Psychologists have even created a universal “first aid kit” that can help cope with various emotional states. In particular, according to experts, the films:

  • motivate and inspire – “Rocky” , “Forrest Gump” , “Coco avant Chanel” ;
  • help to survive the loss and separation – “Girl, Interrupted” , “The Notebook” , “Hope Floats” , “Ghost” ;
  • deal with problems related to domestic violence – “Mon roi” , “Sleeping with the Enemy” ;
  • overcome fears and phobias – “The King’s Speech” ;
  • see the light at the end of the tunnel and find the strength to move on – “Ray” , “The Shawshank Redemption” ;
  • and there are even movies that are used to deal with depressive disorder: “An Angel at My Table” , “The Hours” , “Yes Man” , “Groundhog Day” , “Man on a Ledge” , “Pulp Fiction”.

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Crime, Horror, Thriller

What is this movie about?

Jason is an overweight rideshare driver annoyed with this “social media” generation. When one passenger sets him over the edge, he turns his car into a murder wagon in this twisted horror/comedy about a creepy killer’s wicked night in Los Angeles.

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Documentary, Drama, Family

What is this movie about?

An engaging tale that shows the parallels between the treatment of wounded military veterans and ‘last chance’ shelter dogs.

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Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

What is this movie about?

Levi, a young businessman who marries the love of his life, Natalie Winters, a passionate journalist who reports on human trafficking and fights to expose it. On their wedding night Natalie is kidnapped and in the process to be sold into slavery. Levi goes on the hunt for his wife, chasing clues wherever he can find them, leading him to Jeff Conners a crime lord with no mercy.

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Drama, Comedy

What is this movie about?

The dysfunctional group of hairstylists is up to their old antics when a reality show producer enters the shop and proposes that Nora s Hair Salon have its own show.

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Action, Adventure, Mystery

What is this movie about?

A 16-year-old web blogger on a mission to understand her desire, a former internet millionaire on a desperate quest for personal redemption, and a dangerous sociopath killing for love – all on the road to Las Vegas.

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