Jeffrey Labelle Shares His Experience About the Significance of Giving

Here are some life-fulfilling reasons why you should start giving, according to Jeffrey Labelle.

1. You Can Be Happy Through Giving

Jeffrey Labelle observes that one source of happiness for anyone is giving to a charity or helping someone. He seems to agree with the study mentioned in that individuals who donated to charities boosted their happiness.

2. You Can Improve Your Health When You Donate To Charity

As someone involved in charity work, Jeffrey Labelle shares the view that lending a hand to the needy improves one’s health. For example, a 2006 study by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Tennessee discovered that people who got involved in providing social support had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t, according to

3. You Can Bolster Your Personal Values Through Giving

Another study that Jeffrey Labelle finds interesting is one carried out by Charity Aid Foundation (CAF). 96% of those who participated in the research said they had a strong feeling that they had to help someone. The researchers concluded that the more a person gives, the more they strengthen positive personal values like giving.

4. You Can Teach Your Children To Be Generous When You Donate

Jeffrey Labelle believes that charity work also has the potential to influence your kids to do the same. CAF also emphasizes that children are fond of helping others, and so when you help the needy, you’re showing them to be grateful and kind.

5. You can Influence Your Community or Neighbors To Give Too

Another thing that Jeffrey Labelle has observed is that donating to charity can encourage your neighbors to give and create a community of caring and generous people. One person’s donation to an individual can have a ripple effect on others; hundreds of people can follow suit.

In addition, CAF says family giving can create a strong bond, bolstering relationships.

Jeffery Labelle is currently the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Wealth Advisors and Gulf Coast Insurance Group

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