AKA announced that it has scheduled the official launch of Musio S and Musio OS 4.0 for September this year. Musio S is AKA’s second-generation reference social robot with an increased focus on usability.


Musio S is a new model of the AI social robot brand Musio, which was first introduced through Indiegogo in the United States in 2017. Although it is a new generation, it inherited the unique Musio design philosophy recognized by major design museums and biennales around the world. Musio S is lighter than the previous version and is improved on overall intuitive user experience. The screen interface has been enlarged and moved forward to maximize usability, and the mounting stability has been improved.

Musio OS (operating system) 4.0 has been newly developed and installed along with Musio S. The core functional upgrades of Musio OS 4.0 are “ReSmart” and “Alive.” ReSmart is an AI-based brain cognitive ability strengthening training function, and Alive is a depression and sleep disorders improvement function. Musio has also started its new “Emotion Healing” program as a social robot. With these new features, Musio plans to enhance social, emotional disorders that are growing in the post-pandemic world.

AKA’s CEO Raymond Jung said, “one of the characteristics of a startup is that it is a “relay race to create values.” Many colleagues come and go as we are a startup company. It is such a joy to be able to work with the great new additions to staff that made it possible to carry out our dreams with fresh perspectives. In the fall, a differentiated Korean engine will finally be introduced, reflecting the requests of many companies: From this Musio S to the upcoming Musio service, Musio Mini, “ReSmart,” “Alive,” to the internal stealth project “Schwarzwald”. With these products, AKA would like to build a change further in the world.”

About AKA AI

AKA AI is a company that developed the artificial intelligence (AI) engine Muse and the AI robot Musio based on the engine. It focuses on the commercialization of Muse in the form of software as a service. It actively targets the global market, for instance, by introducing its own engine to SoftBank’s social robot, Pepper. Its goal is to help or replace the intellectual abilities of humans through AI technology and social robots. Ultimately, it seeks to make practical changes whereby AI technology transforms and enriches our lives.

AKA started business in Korea in 2020. Since then, 50 educational institutions in Korea have introduced Musio, and 180 if including Japan. AKA was selected as the final implementing agency for the Edtech mentoring project in the elementary, middle, and high school education field in the 2020 non-face-to-face service voucher hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Website: http://themusio.com

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