We all know the physical aspects of taking part in sports have numerous benefits for the body and mind. Little did we know, there are also mental health benefits that come along with watching your favorite sports too.

Studies find that watching sports can make you both happier and healthier.

Here are some fun facts about the benefits of watching sports, that we aren’t aware of!

Watching Sports Lessen Loneliness

Watching TV, in general, can help to improve your mental health. But sports, in particular, are proven to induce happy and relaxed feelings in the viewer. Moreover, if friends or family accompany the viewer, watching sports becomes a shared experience and social activity. Connecting with and enjoying others’ company, while viewing sports, can prevent feelings of loneliness.

Feel Accomplished

Maybe you haven’t played in the NBA, the Superbowl, or won the world cup in cricket, but perhaps the team you chose to support has! And from this, fans feel a sense of success. Gaining a sense of accomplishment by watching our sports team win can help boost the all-important feeling of success.

A Sense of Community

Expressing one’s interest in a team allows you to build connections freely. For example, if you’re walking down the street wearing your sports gear, it’s likely passers-by will give you a high five or even stop to chat with you about your team. This gives people a greater sense of connection and belonging to the world around them, which boosts both a person’s happiness and self-esteem.

Sports Connects Generations

Sports can fill a gap between generations, where other forms of modern entertainment might fail. After all, sports have a deeply rooted heritage that people of all ages can learn and take joy in. For example, older generations may not be too interested in playing first-person shooter games with their grandchildren. However, they may take pleasure from watching cricket with younger members interested in the sport.

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