Traction Guest enhances their Workforce Security Platform with new automation features to support complex enterprise security workflow needs

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–Traction Guest, a workforce security management vendor providing employee health and safety controls, advanced visitor management, critical communication and alerting, and more, today announced the addition of logic-based triggers to support complex workflow automations.

This logic-based functionality, part of the company’s SecureFlow technology, helps administrators create automated escalations to address a multitude of risks – contractors with expired certifications, unvaccinated/untested employees, visitors on Federal/ITAR watchlists, etc. The platform can now be set to take automated actions – email designated supervisors or ‘red flag’ individuals of concern – thus reducing the time and labour spent by security staff manually managing these incidents.

Gartner analysts predict that by 2024, “80% of technology products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals.” As such, this new functionality is a welcome addition to an industry fraught with hardware-based, difficult to customize products, often requiring dedicated integrator support.

“Faced with increasingly constrained resources and growing uncertainties, enterprise organizations need easy to use, highly customizable tools, now more than ever,” said Keith Metcalfe, CEO of Traction Guest. “We’re proud to be the first, and only, platform in the security market to offer low code, logic-based automations.”

The company’s proprietary technology represents a new generation of software based security tools, allowing non-technical administrators to codify location-specific processes through a low-code, user friendly toolset. Additionally, the platform can easily be integrated with best-in-class 3rd party tools (space booking, access control, contractor screening, etc.) through the company’s API driven Catalyst Partner Program. The combination of partner integrations and low-code customizations allows enterprise organizations to design powerful, ad-hoc, workflows to mitigate ever evolving risks.

Similar to “If This Then That (IFTTT)”, or “Zapier” type tools common in the IT sector, the Company’s SecureFlow technology empowers security administrators to design robust, logic-based, workflows to address multiple scenarios. With this release, Traction Guest’s platform now leads the workforce security industry in terms of automation and integration capabilities.

“This new functionality represents the culmination of more than a year’s worth of work,” said Maris Berzins, SVP Product Engineering. “We’re leapfrogging typical point solutions and are proud of the industry leading capabilities we’ve delivered. Our platform truly helps clients reimagine their security procedures.”

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About Traction Guest

Traction Guest ensures safety and security for employees, contractors and essential visitors – wherever they work – through its Workforce Security Platform. The platform provides the most advanced enterprise visitor management system (VMS), health and safety controls, critical outreach and alerting, as well as analytics and auditing functionality.

Traction Guest facilitates multi-layered screening and approvals so that security processes can be finely tuned for unlimited locations, types of workplaces, and roles, making it easy and cost effective to codify duty of care best practices and keep people safe in a rapidly changing environment.

A broad ecosystem of technology partners, integrators and customers leverage Traction Guest’s API-driven platform to develop feature-rich solutions aimed at solving complex security, safety and compliance challenges for enterprises around the world.

Ideal for today’s hybrid workplace, Traction Guest helps employers across dozens of industries demonstrably enforce workforce safety and security procedures so that workers can connect and collaborate with confidence.

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