Mars Wrigley Confectionery has captured shoppers’ interest with its recently launched Never Stop Summering Sweepstakes, which will run through the end of August 2021. With thousands of entries received daily in just the first week, the promotion looks forward to being a season-long smash.  The prominent marketing firm TPG Rewards is administering the event on behalf of the sponsor.

The sweepstakes encompasses Mars Wrigley’s top candy, snacks, and ice cream brands, including favorites like SNICKERS®, M&M’s®, SKITTLES® and DOVE®. Thousands of different prizes, grouped into three tiers based on varying prize values, will be awarded. All are themed to summertime fun.

To be eligible, consumers enter the last 5 digits of brand product UPC codes (no purchase necessary) at a dedicated website. Entrants receive one digital “summer fun” badge, plus a scratch & win game for every code submitted (maximum 5 codes per day per person). Winners are selected according to a digital algorithm devised and coordinated by TPG Rewards. To further encourage participation, the more badges earned by a consumer, the higher the value of the prizes they’re eligible to win.

With this sweepstakes, Mars Wrigley expects to achieve its goals of creating awareness and excitement for its lineup of products, building sales across the board, and expanding its database of loyal customers.

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About TPG Rewards:

TPG Rewards is an established marketing technology company that develops loyalty and promotional programs for some of the nation’s largest consumer packaged goods brands, as well as for companies in other categories. TPG has pioneered innovations such as digital receipt validation with response time in less than 12 minutes, dual-purpose NFC chips to create award-winning intelligent packaging, and BARCODE BUCK$ “Try Me Free” digital discounts.

Brands engage TPG for their vast capabilities ranging from marketing analysis, concept ideation, program execution, legal compliance, proprietary consumer rewards, and their meticulous attention to customer service.

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