Jeff Mcelhaugh recently explained why digital sales tactics are so essential right now.

 The world is becoming drastically more digital, and that means sales are going digital too. Jeff Mcelhaugh is an account executive with more than 20 years of experience in leading, selling, and scaling major digital sales organizations. He recently explained why digital sales are so important right now.

“The world was already going digital, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process,” Jeff Mcelhaugh said. “Now, digital selling is the norm, and it’s an essential part of most business marketing plans.”

Jeff Mcelhaugh

Jeff Mcelhaugh explained that there has been a major increase in individuals making purchases online. This has been increasing for years, but this way of shopping boomed when retail stores were closed due to the pandemic. The inability to sell in brick-and-mortar stores made digital sales tactics more important than ever.

The total number of internet users exceeded 4 billion in 2018, and that number is constantly increasing. So many of us keep our tablets or smartphones within reach at all times. We spend several hours per day connected to the internet, checking emails, browsing social media, shopping Amazon, and more. Mcelhaugh explained that we, as a society, are almost always connected, so its monumentally important to invest money and time in digital marketing. 

“Right now, more than 67 percent of the process of purchasing a product is online,” Jeff Mcelhaugh said. “Consumers are researching the product and product online even if they make the purchase in-store. A solid digital marketing strategy can target your consumers and encourage them to choose your product over the countless others.”

Jeff Mcelhaugh also offered several tips for improving your digital selling strategy. He suggested optimizing your company’s sales funnel by learning about your customer base and their decision-making processes. He emphasized the importance of always making content that spans that same sales funnel. High-quality digital sales content can help individuals within this funnel relate to your brand. Ways of engaging them include blog content, webinars, online events, email marketing, and of course, social media marketing.

“It is essential for anyone working in digital sales to collect and analyze data,” Jeff Mcelhaugh explained. “This data can help you fine tune your sales tactics to the exact wants and needs of your audience.”

Jeff Mcelhaugh concluded by explaining there are numerous other ways to improve your digital sales strategies. Creating a successful strategy involves understanding your customer base, tailoring content to their desires, and analyzing how well that content is working. The sooner you optimize your digital sales strategy, the sooner you’ll be seeing all the benefits.