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This selection includes dramatic films released over the past year. Therefore, we are sure that every movie buff will be able to choose the perfect movies for themselves that will amuse and even bring to tears funny situations.

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A young girl struggles to create a relationship with her father after the death of her aunt who raised her.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Epiphany” on Vuuzle.TV!


When the Doggy day care can’t afford to stay open, Mutt the street dog with a heart of gold rallies the rest of the dogs to try and save the day. Amelia the D.D.C. owner and her younger sister Michelle provide much needed assistance for this quest but at what cost.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Doggy Daycare: The Movie” on Vuuzle.TV!


Chronic insomniacs Zach and Sophia wander the pre-dawn streets of New York City on an impromptu first date. This award-winning indie romance stars Nyambi Nyambi (The Good Fight), Rebecca De Ornelas (The Videoblogs), and Ajay Naidu (Office Space).

Watch ONLINE and FREE “The Sleepless” on Vuuzle.TV!


Amelia Pittman is forced to interact with her father, Fred Pittman who abandoned her as a child and now has Alzheimer’s.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Christmas Wander” on Vuuzle.TV!

DRAMA “Walk by Faith” ON VUUZLE.TV  

When a young man, is faced with living with the disease “Sickle Cell” every day, he grows tired of just existing. With very little hope left, he yearns for support.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Walk by Faith” on Vuuzle.TV!


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