Since 2005, the online trading industry has gained a lot of success and adoption. In the past, only people with high amount of resources could adopt and invest in online trading industry. In the past couple of years, even the most common of people have started investing in online trades. However, most of the trading exchanges have stopped focusing on the grooming of the investors. This is when Invxsler has emerged and is offering investors the ability to not only perform trades, but help groom their profiles as well. Let me share some insights about Invxsler in my Invxsler review to show you how it helps groom investors’ trading profile.

Trading Assets

Nowadays, there are not many exchanges offering all trading assets through the platform. On the other hand, Invxsler provides investors with all major trading assets they can perform trades in. At present, the trading assets offered by Invxsler include cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and forex.

Trading Accounts

Majority of the online trading exchanges nowadays offer multiple trading accounts. The exchanges do this because they want investors to pay up more for better services and access to more products. On the other hand, Invxsler only offers a demo-trading account and a real-time trading account. The demo-trading account is in place so the investors can learn the basics of trades and gain more knowledge about markets. Once they are ready, they can go ahead and start trading through the real-time trading account.

Trading Platform

The trading platform at Invxsler is in-house, which means that it is developed by the engineers and programmers at Invxsler. They have developed the trading platform to compete with trading platforms that are top notch and popular all over the world. It offers state of the art trading interface with user friendly trading environment. Some of the major services it offers include automated trading, single-click executions, trading signals, market news/reviews, and price alerts. The platform also offers sell start/stop options, buy start/stop options, and multi-lingual support. It is completely up to the investors whether they would want to use the platform via android, iOS, windows, MAC, and tablets.

Real Time Support

The customer support offered at Invxsler is 24/6 and is always ready to cater to the queries put forth by the investors. The support team at Invxsler is experienced, empathetic, and professional in resolving any queries. They have been trained to listen to the queries of the investors and provide prompt resolutions.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The option of making deposits and withdrawals at Invxsler are extremely easy. The investors have the ability to make deposits via Visa/MasterCards, Bank Wire, and cryptocurrency wallets. As for withdrawals, the investors can go with the same methods they use for making deposits. When it comes to making withdrawals, the process may take up to 5-7 working days.

Educational Program

For Invxsler, the most important part is the grooming of the investors. It wants to ensure that the investors get to learn the basics all the way up to advanced level of trades and strategies. This is the reason why it has put together a detailed and well maintained educational content for investors. The content maintained by Invxsler includes trading videos with charting analysis, ebooks, glossary, trading courses, economic calendar, and daily market news.

Transaction Security

Invxsler offers SSL Security System to investors, which means that all transactions at the exchange are protected with encryptions. Furthermore, the transactions flow peer to peer without any third party interference. If the hackers do end up gaining access to the transactions, they cannot read them due to encryptions.

Regulatory Compliance

Invxsler is a regulated exchange, which means that it fully adheres to Know-Your-customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Invxsler reportedly does it to ensure that it provides a regulated environment to the investors that is without any risks and is ethical. When trading through Invxsler, the investors do not have to worry about the exchange getting shutdown or taken down by the regulatorys.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to becoming a trader, don’t just think of your short-term goals. Pick a platform that can take you from a beginner to a professional trader. With the features stated above, this platform definitely has that potential.