The word “sea” alone evokes a number of pleasant associations. For example, about the incredibly beautiful sunsets, snow-white sand, and the attractive depths of the reservoirs. The best projects about the romance of sea travel can be watched online and for free on the streaming platform Vuuzle.TV.

As you know, there are a total of 63 seas in the oceans – 25 of them in the Pacific, 16 in the Atlantic, 11 in the Indian Ocean, and 11 in the Arctic Ocean.

In particular, you knew that the Red Sea is the cleanest of those in which you can swim. It turns out that the Red Sea ecosystem has the ability to fully recover in record time. But the Caribbean Sea – one of the largest seas on our planet, its area – 2,754,000 square kilometers. The Caribbean Sea is famous for its amazing barrier reef. As for the Mediterranean Sea, it is the only sea in the world’s oceans whose waters wash the shores of three parts of the world: Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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We seek to bring the ocean into the TV screen. It will not be a travelogue of other people, but instead will make viewers feel as though they themselves are swimming through the beautiful ocean in places such as Palau, Great Barrier Reef and more. They would let go of their burdensome thoughts and feel peace in their body and mind.

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The Boat Show covers water tests, reports from international boat shows, visits to shipyards, boat maintenance and technology, everyday boat repair and maintenance tips, races, events, celebrities, cooking, safety, charters and ports.

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Going Beyond is wanderlust-filled hitchhiker Mariia Khandus’s new travel project. She’s journeyed around the world. Everybody knows that Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are great places to relax with wonderful beaches and delicious fruits! But what do you know about the local people? The expats? About the real lives of those living in these exotic countries? In our trip we will discover it all, together!

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Road less Traveled is Jonathan Legg’s uncharted adventure travel experiences from exotic destinations around the world.

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