Measured life, gray office life cause hot flashes of monotony? And this stream of monotony and everyday life is dispelled by an extreme with a good dose of adrenaline. Extreme sports include skydiving, bike stunts, monster truck rides, etc., and diving.

It is known that it is risk and danger that mobilize the body so much that it is able to do more than it could at rest. Adrenaline also gives way to endorphins, and happiness has an exceptional taste. But perhaps the most important thing that gives the extreme – is a sense of victory, especially over their fears, limitations, complexes. Extreme helps us prove to ourselves that we are capable of more. It is important for everyone to know this in order to be confident. Everyone needs new challenges for themselves and their body from time to time.

When we lack impressions, we go in search of them. And where can you find ideas for fresh experiences? Of course, on the streaming platform Vuuzle.TV. So watch a selection of the most extreme and dangerous sports online and for free right now.

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Welcome to World Air Games!

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Quattro Media Shows” on Vuuzle.TV!


AutoSpeed is all action, all style and all the news. We have a weekly Grand Prix update, race previews and feature stories. Action from the world of international racing and rallying. New car releases from the world’s prestige motor shows and the future of motoring are all covered.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Autospeed” on Vuuzle.TV!


Inside Sailing will bring all the news, sailor interviews and action from all the top sailing destinations around the world.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Inside Sailing” on Vuuzle.TV!


The Fleet Racing Tour is the premier Olympic Sailing series with the participation of the top medalists, racing in 3 continents. The series includes regattas from different classes in order to give a flavour of the different racing tactics and types in the Olympics.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Fleet Racing Tour” on Vuuzle.TV!


Welcome to Kite Masters, the action packed sport which continues to take the world by storm. Our programmes will introduce you to the world’s best events and top riders!

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Kite Masters” on Vuuzle.TV!

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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