Among the many different types of horror movies, there is a special category called “mystical”. This genre of cinema is very popular and popular, as people have always been excited by the idea of ​​the existence of otherworldly, supernatural forces and the connection with them.

Horror movies can arouse special feelings in a person, which he can not always feel in everyday life. Stories about spirits, ghosts, and apparitions are sure to captivate all fans of all the unearthly and unknown. The streaming platform Vuuzle.TV presents the best horror films created in the history of cinema.

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The victims of the Hunt, kidnapped by a dark organization are forced into sick torture games in an abandoned military base. They face unspeakable horror, unless they can outwit their abductors. The hunt is on: 5 victims, 5 killers, 1 aim… to survive.

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The slasher movie gets molested in this wickedly funny horror-thriller from Writer/Director Drew Barnhardt. Fun is the order of the day. Big Stevie’s brand of fun. “Murder Loves Killers Too” is an off-beat twisted treat for horror fans.

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Sociopathia tells the story of Mara, a new breed of psychopath, one who on the outside appears to be an introverted girl-next-door but secretly harbors a violent rage that threatens all who enter her world.

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An exploratory seance ends in bloody mayhem when a malicious entity is accidentally summoned by a group of international students while exploring an abandoned basement. They then must band together to escape the catacombs of terror, alive.

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Six friends venture out to a country holiday house to party over a weekend. Cut off from the rest of the world they soon become terrorized by many inhabitants of the town that include a motorcycle gang and a para-normal monster who haunts the house.

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