The evangelical, anti-intellectual politics behind Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Celebration is an under-examined drive driving mass delusion, nationwide decline, and conflict.

Within the final three many years, Ethiopia noticed stability and regular financial development. It additionally established itself as a linchpin of peace within the Horn of Africa and a strategic ally for the West. Nonetheless, human rights violations, corruption, and a decent grip on energy led to common protests between 2015 and 2018, culminating in Abiy Ahmed Ali turning into the brand new Prime Minister.
Early on, Abiy was praised for his guarantees of democratic and liberal reforms. Certainly, he was so extolled internationally that he acquired the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for his efforts in a ‘peace settlement’—what others name a ‘war-deal’—he made with Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki.
For as wonderful a head-start as Abiy had, his fast diplomatic decline has been a surprising disappointment to exterior observers and Ethiopians alike. In simply three years, he has grow to be a diplomatic pariah, and his reign has been a bloody one even by the requirements of our fashionable historical past—marred by multifaceted political and financial challenges that now threaten the very integrity of the Ethiopian federation.
Since 2018, he has round 5 million internally displaced folks (2.2 million in Tigray and a pair of.9 million elsewhere), a number of high-profile political assassinations, ethnic cleaning in Western Tigray, greater than 75,000 displaced peoples (not less than 63,000 Tigrayans and seven,000 different Ethiopians in Sudan), two overseas international locations (Eritrea and Sudan) occupying Ethiopian land; and 23.5 million Ethiopians estimated to be in want of pressing humanitarian help.
There are numerous causes of Abiy’s failures. Nonetheless, there may be one distinctive underlying situation characterizing Abiy’s politics which few have processed absolutely: the politics of ‘Prosperity Celebration Gospel’ (PPG). As I shall argue, PPG, with its anti/pseudo-intellectual bent, is crucial driver behind Ethiopia’s inauspicious descent into conflict and chaos underneath Abiy.
The issue with Abiy’s obsession with the PPG isn’t solely that it was made a doctrine of a constitutionally nonsectarian authorities—however can also be more and more influencing coverage choices and authorities motion.
 Illusive politics
The prosperity gospel is a model of protestant Christianity that originated within the U.S., however is now very fashionable in Africa. In its easiest kind, the doctrine of ‘prosperity’ prescribes that if followers strongly really feel and visualize what they need, then they’ll get it. It calls for from its followers unquestioning religion and submission—and often tithings given to the church and its leaders in return for a promise of assured private wealth and success.
Abiy’s management type is embedded within the ethos of those prosperity gospel philosophies. The Prosperity Celebration leaders wish to persuade Ethiopians that issues are going to be nice, whatever the grim realities they expertise on daily basis. In apply, this has meant that as an alternative of addressing actual issues, members of the Prosperity Celebration and the general public have been inspired to window-dress signs of power issues.
Amidst the pressing political and humanitarian crises which have characterised his three years in energy, Abiy has continuously been seen losing time and political clout on prolonged visits and inaugurations of low-grade, low-impact tasks corresponding to parks, orchards, and palace renovations. He focuses on creating a synthetic picture of ‘prosperity’ by fastidiously staged photoshoots that depict him amidst stunning landscapes, exaggerated industrial achievements, and different such scenes. These fastidiously crafted visuals are supposed to assist the inhabitants give attention to what is nice, whatever the actuality that’s veiled behind them: a typical prosperity gospel strategy of optimistic imaging.
Normally, what Abiy proudly advertises as his most necessary achievements haven’t any bearing on actual and pressing issues. For instance, many Ethiopians had been dumbfounded when he went on nationwide tv to provide viewers an hour-long private tour into his palace renovation undertaking, the place he clearly insinuated that it was an incredible achievement that Ethiopians needs to be pleased with.
Missing any financial and coverage justification for such tasks, he tried to clarify them as methods of making a very good first impression for guests. He claimed that if others noticed the spectacular façade of the palace, then they might consider that Ethiopia is a reliable nation and would give us extra assist. Attempting to justify his logic, he proclaimed that “a beggar with a shiny go well with will get extra alms than one with shabby garments.”
The one motive for Abiy to pursue such self-importance tasks with a lot vitality appears the prosperity gospel’s prescription of surrounding oneself with good issues to be able to appeal to extra of them. Right here, we see a transparent expression of PPG philosophies: the concept shallow reveals of magnificence and positivity will manifest good outcomes, even regardless of the fact behind the present.
Mass delusion
The hazard of such self-importance tasks isn’t solely their abject disregard for the state of affairs on the bottom, however that the mass delusion takes maintain of the social gathering cadres and followers. Individuals begin to consider blindly in concepts which are incongruous to actuality; they swell with nationalist delight and fall for false guarantees of fast financial growth. That is an impact of PPG that has been documented in different African international locations as properly.
As an example, the early months of 2021, when the world at massive was shocked by the bloody conflict in Tigray, Abiy aired his prediction that Ethiopia will likely be one in all two nice superpowers on the planet by 2050. Then, the Rising Ethiopia marketing campaign was launched attempting to deflect the world’s consideration from the horrors of conflict to an allegedly superb and prospering Ethiopia.
The collective delusion of Rising Ethiopia is so nice that celebrities, non secular leaders, and members of the general public have joined the cult. And plenty of are insisting that diplomatic pressures placed on Ethiopia by the West, and the US specifically, will not be a results of atrocity crimes being dedicated in Tigray, however, as an alternative, the West attempting to thwart Ethiopia’s imagined ascent in the direction of superpower standing.
Abiy’s speeches and tasks are extra typically characterised by prophetic tones and an unreasonably extreme optimism that’s devoid of understanding of actual occasions on the bottom. It’s as if Abiy is speaking about one other nation, not Ethiopia. Certainly, he as soon as claimed that Ethiopians are higher off than most Western folks as a result of, in contrast to Europeans who typically get hold of issues by credit score, Ethiopians principally pay for what they need upfront.
Abiy’s affinity for prophecies and divine interventionism as inspiration for political decision-making is tolerated by extra essential politicians and broadly welcomed by many within the mass populace, whose political histories have been formed by the influences of prophecies and prophets.

Thoughts over matter: Abiy Ahmed’s goal to “Pentecostalize Ethiopian politics”

By René Lefort

Throughout introductory pleasantries at an IGAD assembly with East African heads of state, Abiy was heard professing that “rain follows me wherever I am going.” Social media commentators have aptly interpreted this as Abiy attempting to create parallelism with the prophetic arrival of Emperor Haile Selassie in Jamaica on 21 April 1996, which some Ethiopians wrongly perceive to have induced rain to fall (really rain stopped on the arrival of the monarch).
His efforts to affiliate himself with Ethiopia’s previous emperors by glorifying these with infamous and controversial reputations—for instance, by erecting life-size wax statuses—has been a part of his technique to create a kingly picture of himself. Infamously, he revealed that his mom prophesied about him being the king of Ethiopia sooner or later.
These days, non secular leaders from throughout the spectrum might be seen operating rampant throughout social media and state tv endorsing Abiy—and his conflict. Certainly, some have related him with the Prophet Moses, suggesting that Abiy will lead Ethiopians on the trail in the direction of greatness.
Abiy presides over such approbations, grinning gleefully and nodding in settlement. He appears to really consider in his personal ‘God-sent’ standing (or not less than appears to need folks to suppose he does) and acts as if he’s working to implement God’s plan for Ethiopia. This perception, sadly, has been so inculcated that it was even publicly shared by his predecessor, Hailemariam Desalegn.
At occasions, Ethiopian elites went so far as suggesting, on nationwide tv that Abiy was an ideal chief—solely that there aren’t any individuals who need to be led by him. Abiy agrees: “My folks don’t perceive me,” he complained to diplomats.
In one other occasion, Ethiopian state tv discovered it acceptable to broadcast a person claiming that Abiy will win the conflict on Tigray as a result of Sheik Jibril’s prophecies are on his aspect. That is what pastor Yonatan, an in depth buddy of Abiy, stated in one in all his sermons.
“…I’m saying this concerning the Prime Minister. The [Lord] says those that encompass you, be them the Egyptians, the Sudanese, the Kenyans, Somalians, inside and exterior enemies, the diasporas, the Lord is saying I’m the one who put you on the throne, and I’ll maintain you there, haven’t any concern.”
Unholy alliance 
Like different populist leaders, Abiy has managed to catch maintain of feelings and needs for greatness to be able to persuade others—particularly those that are prone to propaganda—to stamp out opposition alongside him. Dangerously, he has additionally managed to faucet into the acute proper Ethio-nationalist sentiment, providing visions of a return to a supposed extra superb previous.
These visions have discovered a stronghold amongst Amhara nationalists specifically, and fueled an urge for food for conflict to be able to obtain their ends at any price. It’s a imaginative and prescient of a powerful and centralized Ethiopia, with a uniform tradition and political system, reasonably than one which respects and protects the rules of cultural, linguistic, and political pluralism.
As an example, Deacon Daniel Kibret, an individual who’s believed to be the ideologue behind the quasi-political non secular affiliation of Mahibere Qidusan—or the ‘affiliation of the saints’—has successfully utilized the PPG’s affinity for prophetic rhetoric as a chance to propagate right-wing, Ethiopian-nationalist narrations. He has used his private expertise in parabolic writing to affect Abiy’s speeches and writings.
It was, subsequently, not altogether shocking that Deacon Daniel claimed Ethiopia was at its finest when the conflict on Tigray was raging and hundreds of civilians had been being massacred by Eritrean mercenaries and Amhara militia throughout a complete communication blackout.
Although it shocks many people to listen to that Ethiopia may very well be at its finest whereas within the midst of a brutal civil conflict, Daniel was real in his declare. It is because, for him and the unitarist political camp, the perfect is when the political affect and presence of different nations and nationalities—particularly the Tigrayan peoples—are minimized or eliminated utterly.

Warfare in Tigray: Ethiopia’s Nobel ‘peace’ shock

By Isaias Irgau

Warfare, with all of its destruction and struggling, turns into a crucial destiny to be able to accomplish such ruthless goals. (After all, it additionally helps that Abiy has made the promise to Amhara right-wing elites to grant territorial claims—an irresistible reward for the worth of violence.)
This concept that Ethiopia shall prevail regardless of the associated fee, to this point, has meant conflicts in Tigray, Oromia, Benishangul-Gumuz, the resultant civilian massacres, weaponized rape, intentional hunger, and ethnic cleaning.
Since PPG actually ensures victory, it has made Prosperity Celebration officers frighteningly assured about something they do and communicate. Abiy felt so assured that he made his now-infamous declare of victory with none civilian causality in his “legislation and order operation” in Tigray.
Extreme confidence about such grave issues as civilian casualties can solely imply that both Abiy thought he might efficiently disguise the killings in Tigray or that he genuinely believes that extra-earthly powers are manifesting what he needs to be true. Solely Abiy is aware of which, however given his insistence in persevering with along with his marketing campaign in Tigray, even on the danger of his personal diplomatic decline, it appears that he’s nonetheless assured of not solely victory—which doesn’t appear to be assured anymore, even in accordance with the evaluation of his personal generals—but in addition that every part will likely be okay afterward: typical PPG optimism, oblivious to the grim actuality at hand.
Right here, we see an unholy merger between non secular delusion and nationalist populism, which engenders an limitless urge for food for violence. As is frequent with populist actions in every single place, Abiy has efficiently appealed to the needs of the plenty, and as an alternative of doing the laborious work of governance, he has impressed folks in the direction of steady conflict with what appear to be ever-more distant guarantees of peace and prosperity.
Spreading pseudo-science
PPG ideologies normalize pseudo-intellectualism and, in excessive circumstances, anti-intellectualism in Ethiopia. It’s maybe anticipated that when divine intervention and prophecies are the official explanations for political occasions and alter scientific evaluation can be sidelined and even shunned.
Abiy goes to nice lengths to create an mental picture of himself—for instance, he phases photoshoots the place he seems to be severely immersed whereas studying a e-book.
There are information the place he appeared in public clearly plagiarizing others. His two books printed in a rush earlier than he grew to become prime minister had been severely criticized for missing content material and being nothing greater than sophistry—a hodgepodge of concepts constructed with rhetorical fallacies and delivered with pseudo-intellectual, evangelical self-help fervor.
Alex de Waal, evaluating Abiy’s e-book Medemer with the strategy adopted by the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Entrance (TPLF) management wrote:
“One of many points of interest of Abiy’s philosophy of Medemer (‘synergy’ or ‘coming collectively’) is exactly that it lacks the mental rigor attribute of the TPLF management and their fellow revolutionaries. Medemer…wants a talented politician, in a position to conduct negotiations concurrently on completely different ranges and in accordance with completely different political logics, to comprehend its potential. Sadly, Abiy hasn’t exhibited these abilities: his trademark has been a mix of naivete, impatience, and over-confidence. Furthermore, within the palms of a few of Abiy’s disciples, Medemer has grow to be a device of excommunicating dissenters from the political group.”
Mental rigor apart, it needs to be remembered that Abiy additionally used questionable methods of selling his e-book. Apparently, public funds had been spent to arrange lavish e-book launch occasions all through the nation and overseas, and the occasions targeted on encouraging a persona cult reasonably than creating a chance to debate the e-book’s substance.
Abiy himself made plenty of outrageous pseudoscientific claims such because the humorous one which blessing water turns it into therapeutic water, that the human physique consists of water, air, and fireplace, and that most cancers is attributable to unhealthy phrases one utters. He as soon as claimed that Haramaya Lake in south-eastern Ethiopia, which dried greater than a decade in the past, returned due to the seedlings that he helped plant only a 12 months earlier than.
In in all probability one of the daring shows of pseudo-intellectualism, Ethiopia’s Increased Schooling and Innovation Minister, Abraham Belay, introduced, on nationwide tv, that the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Expertise has found a treatment for COVID-19, earlier than the primary case was confirmed in Ethiopia. This announcement by a member of his cupboard, I believe, wouldn’t have occurred with out Abiy’s request or, not less than, approval.
Suppressing dissent
Since Abiy appears to have religion that his concepts and whims are divinely guided, he appears to see those that oppose or criticize him as opposing not simply him, however his ‘God’. In reality, symbolisms of likening critics and opposition with the biblical Devil have been normalized. The opposition is seen as a hurdle to surmount or a type of ignorance that have to be defeated to ensure that his visions to return to full fruition.
Abiy is, subsequently, disposed to take away such hurdles. Lots of the high-profile assassinations, extrajudicial killings, and mass detentions haven’t been correctly investigated, and commentators rightly suspect that the federal government might have a hand in these.
When Abiy requested the TPLF to affix his Prosperity Celebration they usually rejected the supply, citing ideological variations and the necessity for dialogue and readability earlier than any sort of merger, he didn’t attempt to persuade them utilizing any justifications as to why the social gathering can be useful to them. As an alternative, in accordance with Getachew Reda, he stated: “simply be part of me and every part shall be nice.” It was as if he was saying, “I’ve a imaginative and prescient and I don’t know the way it will materialize, simply go together with me and belief that it’ll in some way be okay in the long run.”
Abiy’s pseudo-intellectual tendencies have predictably put him at odds with seasoned and skilled specialists on numerous essential issues regarding Ethiopia’s politics and its future. Typically, specialists are left with no choice however to name him out for his foolish errors in addition to his extra critical transgressions. Due to this fact, by time, he and his social gathering colleagues have developed a profound distaste for specialists.
Some who’ve tried to criticize his methods and insurance policies primarily based on sound proof and reasoning have been personally attacked and threatened by Abiy’s supporters and social media propagandists. Professors and political analysts have reported being condemned and even blackmailed on tv for his or her opinions, as an illustration on the conflict in Tigray. Many specialists and analysts who’ve been voicing their considerations concerning the conflict in Tigray and its doable grave penalties to Ethiopia have been accused of being TPLF paid lobbyists.
It strikes me that just about all the folks accused of being TPLF’s paid brokers by Abiy’s authorities and supporters are those that have constructed their careers {and professional} reputations by years of precise work, analysis, and engagement in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s treacherous transition

By Goytom Teklu

Abiy’s authorities goes as far as to expel specialists for reporting undesirable data that doesn’t verify the fact he needs to current to the world. For others, government-affiliated on-line social media accounts have led smear campaigns to tarnish their status with ugly, false accusations. Private communication with a number of others revealed that they’ve been declared persona non grata, simply due to their essential views in opposition to Abiy’s authorities and its insurance policies.
Worse, when such specialists and activists are Ethiopians, arrest warrants on accusations of nationwide treason are issued in opposition to them, together with, sarcastically, an educational, Awol Kassim Allo, who nominated Abiy for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Alternatively, Abiy’s Prosperity Celebration offers disproportionate privilege and airtime to ‘specialists’ of doubtful and questionable experience. A gay-erotica-writer-turned-historian Jeff Pearce is one in all such ‘specialists’ whose writings, that at occasions clearly run in opposition to factual proof, are coated by authorities web sites.
One other is Professor Fikre Tolossa, who has been severely criticized for cooking up proof in his writings. He has repeatedly been portrayed on state tv because the ideologue behind the short-lived “Oro-Mara’ Oromo and Amhara exclusionist union courted by the Prosperity Celebration.
In his e-book, The True Origins of Oromo and Amhara, Professor Fikre makes extraordinarily suspicious and pseudoscientific claims corresponding to, for instance, that the biblical Adam and Eve are Ethiopians.  It needs to be famous that, curiously, the professor doesn’t have any on-line skilled or educational profile on locations corresponding to ResearchGate or Google Scholar, as is frequent amongst lecturers.
Aside from members of the federal government, who’re duty-bound to help Abiy’s claims and insurance policies no matter how outrageous they look like, it is extremely tough to discover a critical educational or professional who offers reasoned help to a lot of Abiy’s insurance policies, not to mention his conflict on Tigray.
Some like Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam, a long-time ardent opponent of the TPLF, appear to help Abiy not for his insurance policies, however for his ‘hate’ for the TPLF. The professor’s flip-flopping stance on necessary nationwide points such because the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam are robust proof of this.
Anti-intellectualism and war-mongering 
The hyperlink between anti-intellectualism and war-mongering is that, for apparent causes, most intellectuals don’t help conflict as a approach of fixing political variations, and nearly all the time present deep evaluation on how variations may very well be resolved with out the usage of drive. Such evaluation and ensuing suggestions have been made repeatedly, although, sadly, they’ve been ignored.
In reality, greater than 3,000 specialists and lecturers have, to this point, signed a petition opposing the conflict on Tigray.
Sadly, for the reason that Prosperity Celebration has already labeled professional opinions and recommendation as anti-Ethiopian propaganda, such efforts haven’t borne fruit, and requires a ceasefire and Nationwide Dialogue in the direction of reconciliation have fallen on deaf ears. Ethiopia not solely continues with its army operations in Tigray, Benishangul-Gumuz, and Oromia, but in addition appears to strengthen these efforts.
Plainly like for the Prosperity Celebration leaders and followers solely the ‘God’ that they purport to be following can put an finish to their warmongering. It’s unlucky that not many individuals know methods to make ‘God’ act in Abiy.

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Major photograph: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on the launching occasion of his new e-book, YeMedemer Menged; Workplace of the Prime Minister; 6 March, 2021

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