A free phone app (WOW) brings unity to the Israeli & Palestinian people.

MOUNT SHASTA, CA, USA, — Huge Self Company, a public charity, introduced in the present day the discharge of a free Android app named Knowledge Over Wars (WOW) developed by iStart17.com. This interactive and academic app is on Google Play in English, Hebrew, and Palestinian Arabic.

The Wisdom Over Wars (WOW) app relies on scientific materials by no means earlier than out there to Israeli and Palestinian individuals that provides an all-new problem-solving technique. Utilizing irrefutable science and logic, this app exhibits why people share the identical self, thus proving that any adversarial motion is all the time an motion towards oneself.

Customers of this app have uncovered truths about themselves and “the opposite” that had gone unrecognized by their senses. This discovery has deeply modified their understanding of each other and made any unfavourable motion, conflicts, or wars unthinkable as any act of violence is an act towards oneself. Customers agree this untold data presents a simpler remedy to our human-made issues than the overall sum of all fashionable strategies.

We, at Huge Self, are 100% assured that the revelation of this new data will deliver great profit to each Israeli and Palestinian individuals. It ensures an equal appreciation for the ensuing peace, happiness, prosperity whereas making future conflicts inconceivable.

Beata Balos, a spokesperson for Huge Self stated: “We designed Knowledge Over Struggle (WOW) to finish all human-made conflicts and wars. No conventional method of problem-solving appears to eradicate violent conflicts on earth, however this app will. Everyone seems to be asking how? The sport will show how we at the moment see ourselves and others is contradictory to how everybody exists.

Our senses inform us that we and everybody possesses a person self; nevertheless, everybody shares one collective self. Customers of WOW uncover this reality in Three easy steps. All human-made issues and sufferings, with out exception, stem from not figuring out that our senses distort the fact of how everybody exists. When you have an iPhone, please get a free app titled Wise Civilian & Wise Cop in Apple Retailer.”

Lynda Hardy of Huge Self Corp stated: “The principle objective of WOW is to show that each one people share the identical self, and no science or logic can disprove this argument. Everyone seems to be welcome to refute the findings within the WOW app and win $10,000. Additionally, we wish to take this chance to precise our gratitude to Saja Elathamna, Mahmoud Aldabous, Atara Melo, Aleks Gorlik, Alexandra Sullivan, and Farrelle Toumani, who helped WOW app change into a actuality.”

Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) public charity #83-1669166 whose sole objective is to revive peace and happiness within the World. We offer a brand new revolutionary problem-solving technique that can deliver a everlasting finish to all human-made issues and sufferings. When used with different strategies, it delivers superior outcomes. We are able to show that long-lasting peace and happiness is the true nature of all individuals and animals and has all the time been attainable. This pure state is unavailable to most World’s inhabitants as a result of they’re unaware their senses are deceiving them, and thus, they can’t see how everybody exists. Historical past has confirmed this ignorance is the one cause peace, compassion, unity, and happiness are so seldomly skilled within the World. However collectively, we will reverse it completely.

Knowledge Over Wars app, (a.ok.a. WOW) makes use of science and logic to show that our enemies will not be what they appear, however in reality, all of them embody the identical self.